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Daily updated news of Pakistan  Daily updated news of Pakistan

Amir JI Balochistan

Published on December 9, 2017, 8:39 pm

QUETTA Dec 9 (PPI): Muslim rulers should get untied to represent Ummah and boycott America and Israel. Ummah would not accept Qibla Awwal as capital of Israel in any case. American president Trump has hurt feelings of Islamic World. Baital Maqdas is Qibla Awal for Muslims and sacred holy worship place. Trump’s enmity with Muslims would also destroy America
These views were expressed by Amir Jamaat Islami Balochistan Abdul Haq Hashmi while addressing monthly meeting of provincial responsible of Jamaat.
Provincial secretary General Hidayatur Rehman Baloch and others also attended.
Meeting regretted that conspiracies were being hatched against Muslims and Islam everywhere. Unfortunately Muslim Rulers were not seriously working to stop these conspiracies. After blasphemy Finality of prophethood was not spared. Now recognizing Bailtal Maqdas as Israeli Capital is senselessness of Muslim rulers and disunity of Ummah.
Jamaat Islami representing Muslims raised voice against this cruelty along with Muslims of the world. We would also face conspiracies against Muslims.
Abdul Haq Hashmi said American President’s statement has challenged Muslims and they must face unitedly enemy’s conspiracies and defend finality of prophethood and Blasphemous law.

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