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Ramazan Timings for cities of Pakistan  Ramazan Timings for cities of Pakistan
Day Ramazan Date Gregorian Date Munteha-e-Sehar Waqat-e-Aftar
Monday1June 30, 201403:55 AM07:39 PM
Tuesday2July 1, 201403:55 AM07:39 PM
Wednesday3July 2, 201403:55 AM07:39 PM
Thursday4July 3, 201403:55 AM07:39 PM
Friday5July 4, 201403:57 AM07:39 PM
Saturday6July 5, 201403:57 AM07:39 PM
Sunday7July 6, 201403:58 AM07:39 PM
Monday8July 7, 201403:58 AM07:38 PM
Tuesday9July 8, 201403:59 AM07:38 PM
Wednesday10July 9, 201403:59 AM07:38 PM
Thursday11July 10, 201404:01 AM07:38 PM
Friday12July 11, 201404:01 AM07:38 PM
Saturday13July 12, 201404:02 AM07:37 PM
Sunday14July 13, 201404:03 AM07:37 PM
Monday15July 14, 201404:04 AM07:36 PM
Tuesday16July 15, 201404:04 AM07:36 PM
Wednesday17July 16, 201404:04 AM07:36 PM
Thursday18July 17, 201404:06 AM07:36 PM
Friday19July 18, 201404:06 AM07:35 PM
Saturday20July 19, 201404:07 AM07:35 PM
Sunday21July 20, 201404:07 AM07:34 PM
Monday22July 21, 201404:09 AM07:34 PM
Tuesday23July 22, 201404:10 AM07:33 PM
Wednesday24July 23, 201404:10 AM07:33 PM
Thursday25July 24, 201404:11 AM07:32 PM
Friday26July 25, 201404:12 AM07:31 PM
Saturday27July 26, 201404:13 AM07:31 PM 
Sunday28July 27, 201404:13 AM07:30 PM
Monday29July 28, 201404:14 AM07:30 PM
Tuesday30July 29, 201404:14 AM07:29 PM
*Ramadan Sehr-o-Aftar timings are calculated using the Daimi Naqsha-e-Auqat-e-Namaz for Fiqa-e-Hanfia.

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AL HAMD Islamic University (AIU)
AL HAMD Islamic University (AIU) is conceived by AL HAMD Educational Society (AES), which is established and registered as non profitable organization with the vision of Promoting Education from grass root to higher level. The Al-Hamd Educational Soc...
Bar B.Q Tonight
Bar B.Q Tonight restaurant was inaugurated on 10th of November 1988 by our honorable elders whose sincere efforts paved a way to make it a symbol of hygiene and quality. Their aspirations yielded fruitful results and raised the name of BAR B.Q Tonigh...
Pizza Hut, Johar Town
Pizza hut is specially know for its world class Pizza recipes. We deliver Oven hot pizza right next to your door. Enjoy the extra coating of Cheez with hot spicy ketchup.
Asian Voyagers Travel and Tours
Address: Office No 72, Mezzanine Floor, Land Mark Plaza, Lahore, Pakistan Landmarks: EFU Building, Jail road, Land Mark Plaza, Zafar Ali Road City: Lahore Phone +92-42-35714381, 35775493 Fax +92-42-35775494 Mobile 0301-4377695, 0301-8413885
Fortress Stadium, Lahore
Fortress Stadium is a famous place having number of malls, restaurants and entertainments areas. It's located in Cantt area of Lahore, Pakistan. Fortress Stadium market is most crowded and busy area of city having large shopping complex. Many people ...
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