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Muhammad Ummar Iqbal's SMS  Muhammad Ummar Iqbal's SMS
Once there was a Kisan's son

He was cutting saag with daatri

He saw a wada sara saap.

He began to cry.

Hal oyaa Ammaa!

Then his piyo take a sota to kill the saap.

When o gya neeray

He saw that there was not a saap

That was a kala raasa.

Moral: "Anni diyo! Wekh k rola paya karo."

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Category: Funny Posted by: Muhammad Ummar Iqbal
بِسْــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيــــــــــــــــم
.اسلام و علیکم، صبح بخیر اس دعا کے ساتھ کہ ہر صبح آپ کے لئے خوشیوں کی نوید بن کر آئے۔ (آمین
یا الله ہمارے گناہوں کو معاف کر دے یا الله ہم پر رحم فرما یا الله ہماری مصیبتوں کو آسان فرما

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Category: Good Morning Posted by: Muhammad Ummar Iqbal
Maaf kerny ki Aadat or Honsla paida karo.

Ya To ALLAH ka karam hy k US ne insan k gunahoon ki parda poshi ki.
Agr Tumharay darmiyan ek doosray k gunnah zahir ho jatay to tum ek doosray ko dafan bhi na kartay.

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Category: Islam Posted by: Muhammad Ummar Iqbal
Wife: I am not feeling good..

Husband: Its bad, I was thinking to go for shopping..

wife: I was joking..

Me Too.

Chal uth rotti pka.

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Category: Husband Wife SMS Posted by: Muhammad Ummar Iqbal
Arz kita A!

me Majj waichi
me Gaan waichi

wah wah wah

me Majj waichi
me Gaan waichi

meri apni c, me Taan waichi

| '..(>
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Category: Poetry Posted by: Muhammad Ummar Iqbal
Sardar and his wife went 2 London.
1 day in da hotel room, Sardar heard his wife's scream,
"Chuwa Chuwa"
He wanted to inform Room Service but
didn't knw what the English word for "Chuwa" is
Sardar: Hello,room service?
Room srvic: Yes sir, hw can I help u?
Sardar:hmmmm, U knw Tom & Jerry?
Rom srvice:Yes sir, I knw Tom & Jerry
Sardar:habibi Jerry is here :D

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Category: Sardar SMS Posted by: Muhammad Ummar Iqbal
Aik Sardar ka Accident ho Gya,

Doctor ny poocha:
Sardar Ji, Accident kaisay hua?

O Doctor g, Assi Morr kttan Lagay....
Te Agge Mor ee Nai c

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Category: Sardar SMS Posted by: Muhammad Ummar Iqbal
Jab Shetan ne kaha k ay RABB

"Teri Izzat ki qasam!

me tere bando ko hamesha behkata rahoonga,

jab tak unki roohain un k jismon me rahengi.."

ALLAH RABULIZZAT ne Irshad Farmaya,

"Mujhy Qasam hy apni Izzat-o-Jalal ki aur Apne Aala Maqam ki.

jab tak wo mujh se Asstaghfar karte rahenge,



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Category: Islam Posted by: Muhammad Ummar Iqbal
6 signs of being a Pakistani student

1.Ratta marnay ko "mehnat" samajhna.

2.Hr semester k start mn ye ehd kerna "ic semester main sath sath prhna hy"

3.apna cell off ker k perhna Or phr 5,5 mint bd on kr k dkhna k koi msg to ni aya?

4.grp stdy k duran bar bar ye elan kerna k "ab ksi ne koi chawli mari to grp sy bahir"

5.prhny se phly course k page gin'na or phr khauf sy bnd kr dna

6.Hr lecture k end mn agy wly ko puchna "yr tenu smj aya?..mnu tay kakh v ni aya. :)

Rate:Good Very Good Excellent
Category: Funny Posted by: Muhammad Ummar Iqbal
BV sharabi shohr ko theek kerne k liye Kala Libas Pehan kr khari ho gai
Shohar Jhomty howy
Kon ho tum ?
Hath mila main teri Behan ka Shohr:

Rate:Good Very Good Excellent
Category: Joke Posted by: Muhammad Ummar Iqbal
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