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Ramazan Timings for cities of Pakistan  Ramazan Timings for cities of Pakistan
Day Ramazan Date Gregorian Date Munteha-e-Sehar Waqat-e-Aftar
Sunday1May 28, 201703:57 AM07:27 PM 
Monday2May 29, 201703:55 AM07:28 PM
Tuesday3May 30, 201703:55 AM07:28 PM
Wednesday4May 31, 201703:54 AM07:29 PM
Thursday5June 1, 201703:53 AM07:31 PM
Friday6June 2, 201703:53 AM07:31 PM
Saturday7June 3, 201703:53 AM07:31 PM
Sunday8June 4, 201703:53 AM07:32 PM
Monday9June 5, 201703:53 AM07:32 PM
Tuesday10June 6, 201703:53 AM07:32 PM
Wednesday11June 7, 201703:53 AM07:33 PM
Thursday12June 8, 201703:53 AM07:33 PM
Friday13June 9, 201703:53 AM07:34 PM
Saturday14June 10, 201703:52 AM07:34 PM
Sunday15June 11, 201703:52 AM07:35 PM
Monday16June 12, 201703:52 AM07:35 PM
Tuesday17June 13, 201703:52 AM07:35 PM
Wednesday18June 14, 201703:52 AM07:36 PM
Thursday19June 15, 201703:52 AM07:36 PM
Friday20June 16, 201703:52 AM07:36 PM
Saturday21June 17, 201703:52 AM07:37 PM
Sunday22June 18, 201703:52 AM07:37 PM
Monday23June 19, 201703:52 AM07:37 PM
Tuesday24June 20, 201703:52 AM07:38 PM
Wednesday25June 21, 201703:52 AM07:38 PM
Thursday26June 22, 201703:52 AM07:38 PM
Friday27June 23, 201703:52 AM07:38 PM
Saturday28June 24, 201703:52 AM07:38 PM
Sunday29June 25, 201703:53 AM07:39 PM
Monday30June 26, 201703:53 AM07:39 PM
*Ramadan Sehr-o-Aftar timings are calculated using the Daimi Naqsha-e-Auqat-e-Namaz for Fiqa-e-Hanfia.

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